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The Ray Bradbury Theater (1985–1992)

The Ray Bradbury Theater was an anthology series that ran for two seasons on HBO, and four additional seasons on USA Network. All 65 episodes were written by Ray Bradbury, based on short stories or novels he wrote. Many of the episodes focused on only one of Bradbury's original works. However, Bradbury occasionally included elements from his other works. Characters were renamed, and elements added to the original works to expand the story to 23–28 minutes or to better suit the television medium. The full series is here.
Season 1
Marionettes, Inc.
The Playground
The Crowd
No One Got Off
Screaming Woman
The Banshee
Season 2
Bottom of the Bowl
The Skeleton
The Emissary
The Man Upstairs
The Small Assassin
Punishment Without Crime
The Orient North
The Coffin
Tyrannosaurus Rex
An Old Woman
So Died Riabouchinska
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