Rescue 8 (1958–1959)

Rescue 8 was a syndicated American action drama series about Los Angeles County Fire Department Rescue Squad 8. It starred Jim Davis as fireman Wes Cameron (much later cast as Jock Ewing on CBS's Dallas), and Lang Jeffries as the fireman Skip Johnson. Nancy Rennick and Mary K. Cleary each appeared in twenty-four episodes as Patty Johnson and Susan Johnson, the wife and daughter, respectively of Skip Johnson.
The Ferris Wheel
102 to Bakersfield
The Cliff
Subterranean City
The Cage
The Crackup
The Ammonia Trap
The Chasm
The Steel Mountain
Find That Bomb!
The Cave In
The Bells of Fear
Danger! 20,000 Volts
The Scrap Iron Jungle
Calamity Coach
Trial by Fire
High Hazard
Rubber Gold
Flash Flood
Initiation to Danger
Disaster Town
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