Rescue 8 (1958–1959)

Rescue 8 was a syndicated American action drama series about Los Angeles County Fire Department Rescue Squad 8. It starred Jim Davis as fireman Wes Cameron (much later cast as Jock Ewing on CBS's Dallas), and Lang Jeffries as the fireman Skip Johnson. Nancy Rennick and Mary K. Cleary each appeared in twenty-four episodes as Patty Johnson and Susan Johnson, the wife and daughter, respectively of Skip Johnson.
A Handful of Vengeance
Forty Five Fathoms
Children of the Sun
International Incident
Nine Minutes to Live
Three Men in a Vault
Tower of Hate
Danger in Paradise
Hour of Rage
If the Bough Breaks
Left Hook to Hades
The Trap
Death for Hire
The Rock Prison
The Third Strike
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