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Rhoda (1974–1978)

The first spin-off of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Harper reprised her role as Rhoda Morgenstern, a spunky and flamboyantly fashioned young woman seen as unconventional by the standards of her Jewish family from New York. Rhoda begins as the character decides to return to New York City from Minneapolis, where she soon meets and marries Joe Gerard (David Groh). Julie Kavner co-starred as Rhoda's sister Brenda, alongside Nancy Walker as their mother Ida Morgenstern. The full series is here.
Emergency Room
Say They're Sorry
The Ultimatum
Rhoda's Mystery Man
Nick Lobo, Superstar
Nose Job
Second Time Around
Pajama Party Bingo
To Vegas with Love

Season 4
The Return of Ida
The Job
Lady's Choice

One is a Number
Ida Works Out
Rhoda Likes Mike
The Weekend
Home Movies
Johnny's Solo Flight
Who's Shy?
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