Richard the Lionheart (1962–1963)

Richard the Lionheart was a British ITV television series which ran during 1962 and 1963, and was aimed at a younger audience. It began with the death of King Henry II, and put forward the traditional view of King Richard the Lionheart as a hero, and his brother Prince John (played by Trader Faulkner) as the villain. Richard was played by Irish actor Dermot Walsh. The full series is here.
Long Live the King
Lion and the Eagle
Ashdown Forest
The Wolf of Banbury
School for a King
Crown in Danger
The Pirate King
Alchemist of Rouen
King's Champion
King Arthur's Sword
The Challenge
The Bride
Monks of Latroun
The Great Enterprise
The Norman King
When Champions Meet
Warrior from Scotland
The Conjurer
The Lord of Kerak
Saracen Physician
Queen in Danger
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