Richard the Lionheart (1962–1963)

Richard the Lionheart was a British ITV television series which ran during 1962 and 1963, and was aimed at a younger audience. It began with the death of King Henry II, and put forward the traditional view of King Richard the Lionheart as a hero, and his brother Prince John (played by Trader Faulkner) as the villain. Richard was played by Irish actor Dermot Walsh. The full series is here.
Castle of Prince Otto
The Vision Fades
The Fugitive
Knight Errant at Large
Guardian of the Temple
A King's Ransom
The Devil Is Unloosed
Little People of Lyntor
The Raiders
An Eye for an Eye
The Caveman
A Year and a Day
The Crown Jewels
The Man Who Sold Pardons
The Heir of England
The People's King
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