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The Rockford Files (1974–1980)

The Rockford Files was an American television drama series starring James Garner that aired on the NBC network between September 13, 1974, and January 10, 1980, and has remained in syndication to the present day. Garner portrays Los Angeles-based private investigator Jim Rockford with Noah Beery, Jr., as his father, a retired truck driver nicknamed "Rocky".
The Family Hour
Feeding Frenzy
Indianhead River
Coulter City Wildcat
So Help Me God
Rattlers' Class of '63
The 38th Parallel
Piece Work
Trouble with Warren
One in Every Port
Sticks and Stones
T.T. Flowers P1
T.T. Flowers P2
Becker Connection
Another Polish Wedding
Old Dragons
Protect and Serve P1
Protect and Serve P2
Crack Back
Dirty Money

Season 4
Beamer's Last Case
Trouble in Chapter 17
Battle of Canoga Park
Second Chance
Dog and Pony Show

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