Rip Oliver & The Assassin (1980s)

Portland/Pacific Northwest Wrestling - Promos

"Moondog" Lonnie Mayne (1977)
Lonnie Mayne is ready! (1977)
Streetfight Challenge!! (1977)
The Rose-Piper Feud (1979)
Rip Oliver & Assassin (1980s)
Brett Sawyer promo (1980s)
Stan Stasiak Returns (1980s)
Buddy Rose & The Wizard (1980s)
A Bloody Aftermath! (1980s)
Terry Gibbs challenges Flair (1980s)
Rose vs. Johnson (1980s)
Steve Regal Promo (1980s)
Hennig wants shot at The Sheik! (1980s)
Borne, Oliver & Assassin (1980s)
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