Inspector Mark Saber/Saber of London (1951-1958)

Saber of London was a half-hour 1950s detective television series about a British police captain named Mark Saber. The Inspector Mark Saber character originally appeared on the radio series ABC Mystery Theater. The TV program had different titles during its nearly nine-year run: Mystery Theater, Inspector Mark Saber of the Homicide Squad, The Vise, and finally Saber of London. In the original version of the program (Mystery Theater/Homicide Squad), Saber worked in the homicide department of a large American city. In syndication, the series was entitled Detective's Diary. Tom Conway portrayed Mark Saber from October 1951 to June 1954. Donald Gray, a native of South Africa, played the part from December 1955 through May 1960.
Homicide Squad
Hair of the Dog
Chamber of Death
Saber of London
The Missing Hours
Murder Shall Speak
Luger for Chesser
Cheating Cheaters
Beyond Fear
Curse of Death
The Lady Doesn't Scare
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