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Sapphire & Steel (1979–1982)

A special force of interdimensional operatives protect the universe from evil forces trying to gain a foothold by disrupting the timeline. The strange energy beings are assigned to cases, when and where needed, and materialise on Earth as humans, each with specialist abilities to ascertain and then solve the problems. The mysteries include people trapped in photographs, ghosts lost in time, and an retro dinner party. Stars: David McCallum, Joanna Lumley, David Collings. The tull series is here.
Season 1
Escape Through a Crack in Time P1
Escape Through a Crack in Time P2
Escape Through a Crack in Time P3
Escape Through a Crack in Time P4
Escape Through a Crack in Time P5
Escape Through a Crack in Time P6
Season 2
Railway Station P1
Railway Station P2
Railway Station P3
Railway Station P4
Railway Station P5
Railway Station P6
Railway Station P7
Railway Station P8
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