Schlitz Playhouse (1951-1959)

An anthology series that was telecast on CBS. Offering both comedies and drama, the series was sponsored by the Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company. Initially, the show was broadcast live, but starting in the summer of 1953, some episodes were filmed in advance. Beginning with the 1956-1957 season, all of the shows were filmed.
Brigadier's Medals
Rabbit Foot
The General's Boots

Season 4
Midnight Haul
The Long Trail
Unlighted Road
Blue-Eyed Felon

Direct Approach

Season 5
No Trial by Jury
Pattern for Pursuit
Mechanical Cook

Season 6
The Life You Save
For Better, for Worse
Girl with a Glow

Season 7
The Hole Card
No Second Helping
Night of the Stranger

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