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Sea Hunt (1958–1961)

Sea Hunt was an American television series starring Lloyd Bridges as Mike Nelson, a Scuba Diver in the days when it was still very new. He works alone and the plot was always mostly carried through his voice over narrations. Typical adventures were finding a downed satellite or sunken treasure. The entire series is here.
Underwater Unit
Proof of Guilt
Oil Island
Base of Operations
Kelp Forest
The Raft
Season 3
Water Nymphs
Mr. Big
Hot Cargo
Underwater Drop
Cobalt Bomb
Missile Watch
Jade Cavern
Expatriate's Return
Strong Box
The Fearmakers
Revolutionary Spoils
Pirate Gold
The Living Fossil
Submarine Explosion
Sacred Pool
Cross Current
Synthetic Hero
The Cellini Vase
Ghost Light
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