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Sherlock Holmes - ITV TV Series' (1984-1994)

Jeremy Brett as Holmes, Watson is portrayed by David Burke in early episodes and later by Edward Hardwicke. The entire series is here.
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1984)
A Scandal in Bohemia
The Dancing Men
The Naval Treaty
The Musgrave Ritual
The Solitary Cyclist
The Crooked Man
The Speckled Band
The Blue Carbuncle
The Copper Beeches
The Greek Interpreter
The Red-Headed League
The Norwood Builder
The Resident Patient
The Final Problem

Return of Sherlock Holmes (1986)
The Empty House
The Abbey Grange
The Second Stain
The Man with the Twisted Lip
The Priory School
The Six Napoleons
Devil's Foot
Silver Blaze
Wisteria Lodge

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