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Sir Francis Drake (1956-57)

Sir Francis Drake (1961–1962) was a British adventure television series starring Terence Morgan as Sir Francis Drake, commander of the sailing ship the Golden Hind. As well as battles at sea and sword fights, the series also deals with intrigue at Queen Elizabeth's court. The series was filmed on historical sites in England. A replica of the Golden Hind was constructed at a cost of £25,000 and was used for filming in and around the bays of Torbay and Dartmouth. The full sries is here.
The Prisoner
Lost Colony of Virginia
Queen of Scots
Doctor Dee
Bold Enterprise
The English Dragon
Boy Jack
The Garrison
Visit to Spain
The Flame Thrower
Governor's Revenge
Slaves of Spain
The Doughty Plot
King of America
The Irish Pirate
Beggars of the Sea
Drake on Trial
The Bridge
Johnnie Factotum
Mission to Paris
Reluctant Duchess
The Gypsies
Court Intrigue
Gentleman of Spain
Fountain of Youth

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