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The Adventures of Spin and Marty (1955)

This series was presented as part of Disney's Mickey Mouse Club program. Marty Markham is a spoiled rich kid who has lost his parents. His father's war buddy has arranged for Marty to come to his ranch, the triple R where boys get to live in the big outdoors. Marty shows up in his grandmother's chauffeur driven limousine. The chauffeur, played by J. Pat O'Malley, is also Marty's manservant. He is assigned to help the cook. Spin is a popular boy at the ranch who has to earn money between summers to come. Marty and Spin clash.
The Triple-R
The Misfit
White Stallion
A Froggy Day
The Battle
Surprise Decision
Logan's Lesson
The Chase
The Snipe Hunt
The Secret Ride
Perkins' Decision
Tossing the Calf
Rope Artist
Nothing Happens
Perkins and the Bear
Haunted Valley
The Live Ghost
The Big Rodeo
The Wrong Foot
Skyrocket's Trick
The Last Campfire
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