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Further Adventures of Spin and Marty (1956)

Because of the success of the first "Spin and Marty" serial, a 22-episode sequel was broadcast in the second season, The Further Adventures of Spin and Marty. In addition to most of the cast from the first season returning to the Triple-R ranch, teen heartthrob Annette Funicello was added, along with Kevin Corcoran as little Moochie. In the 1956 season, the now-popular Marty vies with his friend Spin for the attentions of Annette, who is a camper at a nearby girls' ranch.
An Introduction
Back to Triple R
Orders from Grandmother
The First Campfire
The Meeting
The Wild Stallion
Homemade Movies
A Social Evening
Summer Daze
The Rescue
Perkins Strikes Back
A Dancing Lesson
The Wienie Roast
Sailor to the Rescue
Skyrocket in Trouble
The Long Night
The Runaway
Busy Little Bees
The Dance
Trouble Ahead
At it Again
The Swimming Meet
The Last Campfire
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