St. Elsewhere (1982–1988)

St. Elsewhere was set at the fictional St. Eligius Hospital, a decaying urban teaching hospital in Boston's South End neighborhood.The hospital's nickname, "St. Elsewhere", is a slang term used in the medical field to refer to lesser-equipped hospitals that serve patients turned away by more prestigious institutions; it is also used in medical academia to refer to teaching hospitals in general. Stars: Ed Flanders, David Birney, Ed Begley Jr., Howie Mandel, David Morse.
Season 4
Remembrance of Things Past
Lost, and Found in Space
Close Encounters
Watch the Skies
Loss of Power
To Tell the Truth
Time Heals P1
Time Heals P2
Come Home Oh Sapien

Season 5
Brand New Bag
You Beta Your Life
Not My Type

After Life
Once Upon a Mattres
Russian Roulette
Rites of Passage
The Wrecker's Ball
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