The Starlost (1973–1974)

Foreseeing the destruction of Earth, humanity builds a multi-generational starship called Earthship Ark, 50 miles wide and 200 miles long. The ship contains dozens of biospheres housing people of different cultures. Their goal is to find and seed a new world of a distant star. In 2385, more than 100 years into the voyage, an unexplained accident occurs, and the ship goes into emergency mode, whereby each biosphere is sealed off from the others. Stars: Keir Dullea, Gay Rowan, Robin Ward. The series had 18 episodes but the last 2 were written but never filmed.
Voyage of Discovery
Lazarus from the Mist
The Goddess Calabra
The Pisces
Children of Methuselah
And Only Man is Vile
Circuit of Death
Gallery of Fear
Mr. Smith of Manchester
The Alien Oro
The Implant People
The Return of Oro
Farthing's Comet
The Beehive
Space Precinct

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