State Trooper (1956)

Rod Blake, a State Trooper is an officer of the Nevada Department of Public Safety. The setting is in the 1950s American West. Stars: Rod Cameron, Robert Armstrong, Don Haggerty. Based in Las Vegas, Reno, and Carson City, Nevada. Its fictional stories focus upon miners, ranchers, dude ranches, released convicts, and murder mysteries, often with surprise endings.
Season 1
Rodeo Rough House
Red Badge of Death
Paperhanger of Pioche
Meetings at Julia's
Jailbreak in Tonopah
The Hills of Homicide
From Here to Molokai
What Price Gloria
Weep No More
Room Service
The Cash Out
Trail of the Dead
Rocking Chair Bandit
Coat of Many Colors
Who Killed Doc. Robbins?
Joe's Bottle House
Buck Fever
No Fancy Cowboys
Violets on Mt. Rose
The Last Stage Robbery
The Silver Duke
Death on the Rock
The Last War Party
Voice of the Bug
Cinder Jungle
Diamonds Come High
Jail Trail
No Blaze of Glory
Beef ala Murder
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