State Trooper (1956)

Rod Blake, a State Trooper is an officer of the Nevada Department of Public Safety. The setting is in the 1950s American West. Stars: Rod Cameron, Robert Armstrong, Don Haggerty. Based in Las Vegas, Reno, and Carson City, Nevada. Its fictional stories focus upon miners, ranchers, dude ranches, released convicts, and murder mysteries, often with surprise endings.
Ride Til' You Die
Safe on a Boat
Fury on Fremont Street
The Live Shell Game

Season 2
A Penny Saved
Madman on the Mountain
The Talking Corpse
Diamonds in the Rough

The Live Shell Game
Cable Car to Tombstone
Perilous Picnic
Grudge Race
Dangerous Honeymoon
Crisis at Comstock
The Happy Dragon
Wild Green Yonder
312 Vertical
Sigmund Kaye
Kitchen Kill
Mystery Sniper
Hardrock Man
The Last Waltz
Sweet & Gentle, Ltd.
The Clever Man
The Silver Spiral
Travel now - Slay later
The Winnemucca Weskit
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