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Steptoe and Son (1962–1974)

Classic 1960s British comedy series about a middle aged man and his elderly father who run an unsuccessful 'rag and bone' business (collecting and selling junk). The two live in poverty and the father has some disgusting habits which continue to embarrass the son. The series was later adapted in the US as Sanford & Son, starring Redd Fox and Demond Wilson. The full series is here.

Season 1
The Offer (Pilot)
The Bird
The Piano
The Economist
The Diploma
The Holiday

Season 2
Wallah, Wallah Catsmeat
The Bath
The Stepmother
Sixty-Five Today
A Musical Evening
Full House
Is That Your Horse?

Season 3
Homes Fit for Heroes
The Wooden Overcoats
The Lead Man Cometh
Steptoe a la Cart
Sunday for Seven Days
The Bond That Binds Us
The Lodger
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