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Supercar (1961–1962)

Supercar is a British children's TV show produced by AP Films for ATV and ITC Entertainment. The plot of the show centred around Supercar, a vertical-takeoff-and-landing craft invented by Prof. Rudolph Popkiss and Dr. Horatio Beaker, and piloted by Mike Mercury. On land it rode on a cushion of air rather than wheels. Jets in the rear allowed it to fly like a jet and retractable wings were incorporated in the back of the car. Retrorockets on the side of the car slowed the vehicle. The full series is here.
Crash Landing
The Dragon of Ho-Meng
The Lost City
The Magic Carpet
The White Line
Take One
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The Runaway Train
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Operation Superstore
Hi Jack
Calling Charlie Queen
Space for Mitch
The Skys The Limit
Atomic Witch Hunt
Jail Break
The Day That Time Stood Still
Transatlantic Cable
King Kool
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