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That Girl (1966-1971)

That Girl was an American sitcom that ran on ABC. It starred Marlo Thomas as the title character Ann Marie, an aspiring (but only sporadically employed) actress, who moves from her hometown of Brewster, New York, to try to make it big in New York City. Ann has to take a number of offbeat "temp" jobs to support herself in between her various auditions and bit parts. The entire series is here.
Little Piggy
Author, Author
Mating Game

Season 2
Pass the Potatoes
The Good Skate
To Each Her Own
The Apartment

Heart Grow Nervous
Philadelphia Story
Freud Himself
The Collaborators
When in Rome
The Mailman
Mod World P1
Mod World P2
Night Before Christmas
A Friend in Need
Fur All We Know
The Rivals
65 on the Aisle
Call of the Wild
The Other Woman
He and She
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