Wherever They Go (1959)

The Big Picture (1951 - 1964)

The Big Picture was a documentary television program which ran on the American Broadcasting Company. The program consisted of documentary films produced by the United States Army Signal Corps Army Pictorial Service, showing weaponry, battles, and biographies of famous soldiers. After The Big Picture’s run on ABC ended, it aired in syndication for several more years, running on some local television stations well into the early 1970s.
The 29th Division (1950s)
Wars End (1955)
Pentomic 101st (1956)
Beyond the Call (1958)
Flying Soldiers (1958)
Religious Emphasis Day (1958)
Wherever They Go (1959)
Army Digest #8 (1961)
Beachhead Anzio (1963)
Omar Bradley (1963)
Recall (1963)
The Cobra Strikes (1965)
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