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The Bold Ones (1969-1970)

The Bold Ones was the umbrella title for three television series. It was produced by Universal Television and broadcast on NBC. It was a wheel format series, an NBC programming approach also used in series' such as The Name of the Game and the NBC Mystery Movie. The Bold Ones segments were rotated from week to week, with the main cast of every segment credited at the top of every episode until the abbreviated final season. I have chosen to present them as separate series'. All of the series episodes are here.
TV Movies
The Sound of Anger
The Whole World Is Watching

The Lawyers: Season 1
A Game of Chance
The People Against Ortega

The Crowd Pleaser
The Rockford Riddle
Shriek of Silence
Trial of a Mafioso
Point of Honor
Shattered Image
Season 2
The Verdict
Panther in a Cage
Trial of a PFC
People Against Dr. Chapman
Loneliness Racket
Search for Leslie Grey
More Episodes

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