The Defenders (1961-1965)

The Defenders was an American courtroom drama series that ran on CBS. Original music for the series was scored by Frank Lewin and Leonard Rosenman. This series is not related to the 2010s CBS series of the same name. Starring E.G. Marshall and Robert Reed as father-and-son defense attorneys who specialized in legally complex cases, with defendants such as neo-Nazis, conscientious objectors and demonstrators of the Civil Rights Movement.
The Locked Room
The Empty Chute
The Crusader
The Hickory Indian
The Iron Man
The Tarnished Cross
Last Six Months
The Naked Heiress
Reunion with Death
The Benefactor
Along Came a Spider
Broken Barrelhead
Season 2
Madman P1
Madman P2
Invisible Badge
Grandma TNT
The Traitor
More Episodes

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