The Fonz and The Happy Days Gang (1980-1981)

In this animated series, Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli, Richie Cunningham, and Ralph Malph find themselves lost in time with their new friend, Cupcake, an alien from the future. Stars: Henry Winkler Ron Howard, Don Most. The full series is here.
Season 1
King for a Day
Farce Be with You
Arabian Knights
Bye Bye Blackbeard
Westward Whoa!
Ming Fu to You, Too!
Vampire Strikes Back
You'll Never Get Witch
20,000 Drachma Pyramid
Jungle Out There
Gone with the Wand
Science Friction
Greece Is the Word
Season 2
French Correction
Time Schlep
Downhill from Here
Double Jeopardy
Fjords and Sorcery
No Place Like Rome
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