The Great Detective (1979-1982)

The series was inspired by the exploits of John Wilson Murray, Canada's first government-appointed detective, set in the latter part of the Victorian era. The leading character, Inspector Alistair Cameron, was a fictional counterpart of Murray. Inspector Cameron was ably assisted by his friend, forensic scientist Dr. Chisholm. Stars: Douglas Campbell, Sandy Webster, Kay Hawtrey.
Season 1
The Magic Mandarin
The Black Curse
Curtain Call
Blenheim Swamp
Bloodhounds Can't Fly
Nightwalker of the Wards
Pretty Mary Mitchell
The Curious Death
Song of the Hemp
Fire at Fenroy

Season 2
Train of Events
Clarkie Blackburn
A Family Business
Murder in Sepia
A Watery Grave

Spirit Guide
Man Who Died Twice
Too Many Cooks

Season 3
Question of Loyalties
Death Visit
Sins of the Father

More Episodes

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