The Lone Wolf (1956-1958)

Michael Lanyard (Louis Hayward), better known as the Lone Wolf, is a rapscallion gentleman who travels the world to fight the proponents of crime. This one-season syndicated series was released during the 1954-1955 season and produced 39 episodes. They are all here.
Long Beach Story
Avalanche Story
Chinese Story
Carnival Story
Blue Lantern Story
Ski Story
Plantation Story
Malibu Story
Murder Story
Honolulu Story
Skid Row
The Arena
Karachi Story
Las Vegas Story
Italian Story
The Hunt
The Oil Story
The Boy Story
Emerald Ring
Department Store
Mexico Story
The Art Story
Carlsbad Big Lie
Last Ballet Story
Beverly Hills Story
The Jet Story
San Francisco Story
The Savage
Deep Sea Diving
Werewolf Story
Stamp Story
Minister Story
Robbery Story
The Wife Story
Planetarium Story
San Pedro Story
Runaway Story
The Newhall Story

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