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The Paper Chase (1978-1986)

The Paper Chase was a 1978 American drama television series based on the 1971 novel of the same name by John Jay Osborn Jr., and a 1973 film adaptation. It follows the lives of law student James T. Hart and his classmates at an unnamed law school, modeled on Harvard Law School. James is a law student from rural Minnesota who enters the intensely competitive environment of a prestigious law school specifically to study with Professor Charles W. Kingsfield, the world's leading authority on contract law. The full series is here.
War of the Wonks
Hart Goes Home
Judgement Day
Dinner with Kingsfield
The Advocates
Not Prince Hamlet
Billy Pierce

Season 3
Decisions P1
Decisions P2

Free Advice
Laura's Struggle
The Big D
Kingsfield Missed Class
The Source
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