The People's Choice (1955–1958)

Jackie Cooper had typical child-actor problems finding roles as an adolescent. Cooper served in the US Navy during World War II, becoming a Captain and receiving the Legion of Merit. His career was at a nadir when he starred in The People’s Choice with Patricia Breslin. Socrates 'Sock' Miller, a Bureau of Fish and Wildlife ornithologist, is elected city councilman of Barkerville, a California housing development. Sock secretly marries his girlfriend Mandy and they then try to hide the marriage from her father, the Mayor. In addition, Sock has an unusual basset hound named Cleopatra (Cleo to her friends) who can talk and comment on her master's actions.
An Adventure of Sock
Sock, the Marriage Broker
Sock and the Mayor's Election
The Mayor Proposes
Sock Gives Gus Away
Mandy's Male Animal
The Reluctant House Guest
Rollo Makes Good
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