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The Phil Silvers Show (aka You'll Never Get Rich) (1955–1959)

Sgt. Ernie Bilko is the ultimate con man. He runs the motor pool at a small Kansas US Army Camp. Col. Hall, in charge of the base, tries to keep Bilko's plans in check. Bilko runs every money making scheme that he thinks he can pull off. Midnight cruises on Landing Craft, Tank Rides, Poker games, and an interesting deal with local service stations for spare parts for jeep tires. The entire series is here.
Pilot Episode

Season 1
New Recruits
Empty Store
The Horse

The Boxer
The Hoodlum
Mardi Gras
Eating Contest
The Centennial
Singing Contest
The Twitch
The Reunion
Rich Kid
The Trailer
Revolutionary War
Bilko's Transfer
Rest Cure
Dinner at Sowici's
Army Memoirs
Miss America
Court Martial
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