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The Saint (1962–1969)

The Saint was an ITC mystery spy thriller television series that aired in the UK on ITV. It was based on the literary character Simon Templar (Roger Moore). Templar was essentially a Robin Hood who stole from criminals, but kept the money. His nemesis was Chief Inspector Claude Teal who considered Templar a common criminal no matter whom he stole from. The full series is here.
Season 4
The Checkered Flag
The Abductors
The Crooked Ring
Smart Detective
Persistent Parasites
Man Who Could Not Die
Saint Bids Diamonds
The Spanish Cow
Old Treasure Story

Season 5
Queen's Ransom
Interlude in Venice
Russian Prisoner
Reluctant Revolution

Helpful Pirate
Convenient Monster
The Angel's Eye
Man Who Liked Lions
Better Mouse Trap
Little Girl Lost
Paper Chase
Locate and Destroy
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