The Secrets of Isis (1975–1976)

The Secrets of Isis starred JoAnna Cameron as Andrea Thomas, a science teacher who found an ancient mystical gold amulet, the "Isiac amulet," on an archeological dig in Egypt. The amulet gave the wearer (specifically, Pharoh Hatshepsut and her descendants, of which Andrea was one) "the powers of the animals and the elements," which would be bestowed upon such wearer by the goddess Isis whenever it was exposed to the sun and her name invoked.
Season 1
Lights of Mystery Mountain
Spots of the Leopard
Fool's Dare
The Sound of Silence
Rockhound's Roost
How to Find a Friend
The Show-Off
The Outsider
No Drums, No Trumpets
Funny Gal
Girl Driver
Scuba Duba
Dreams of Flight
Season 2
Seeing Eye Horse
The Hitchhiker
The Class Clown
The Cheerleader
Year of the Dragon
Now You See It
And Now You Don't

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