The Soupy Sales Show (1959–1965)

Saturday morning comedy for all ages brought to you by comic Soupy Sales and his friends Black Tooth, White Fang and Pookie. Largely one-set production relied heavily on cuts to old film clips and a certain amount of slapstick, as well as amusing improvisation. Please Note: Information about this series, like plot summaries and air-dates, is sketchy and, in most cases, non-existant.
Season 1
Radio Mania!
Unwritten Law
Plastic Surgery
Fairy Tales
Chicken Dances!
The Firing Squad
X-Rated Outtake
Later Seasons
BB King
Chaka Khan
The Temptations
George Washington
Taste of Honey
The Crystal Ball
The Songwriter
Billie Jo Spears
Dusty Springfield
You Demanded It!
You Demanded It! II
This Was Your Life!
The Stable Master
Charles Vichi Sqaw
Destroyer Squadron
The Mother-In-Law
The Stewardess
Cave Men
Soupyman II
Sports Today
60 Seconds
The Samurai
Village Police
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