The Star and the Story (1955-1956)

A television anthology series which aired 1955–1956 in first-run syndication. Produced by Four Star Productions, it was similar in some respects to Four Star Playhouse and Stage 7. Henry Fonda was the host. With a new cast each week, the series featured a wide range of actors, often well-known character actors such as Edmond O'Brien and occasionally emerging stars such as Joanne Woodward (who appear in the episode Dark Stranger together).
Dark Stranger
The Lie
Fox Island
Brief Affair
The Back to Beyond
Great Shinin' Saucer
Her Crowning Glory
Hand To Hand
True Confessions
Blue Landscape
The Difficult Age
Payment in Kind
Arab Duel
The Lady's Game
Act of Decision
The Thin Line
The Whizzer

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