The Tall Man (1960–1962)

The Tall Man stars 6'3" Barry Sullivan as Sheriff Pat Garrett, and Clu Gulager as Billy the Kid. Gulager was 32 in 1960, 11 years older than Billy the Kid was at the time of his death in 1881 at the age of 21. Set in and about Lincoln, New Mexico, the series opens with a view of the extremely long shadow cast by Sullivan on a western street, hence the name "the tall man"
A Kind of Courage
Millionaire McBean
A Scheme of Hearts
The Cloudbusters
Ransom of a Town
Ladies of the Town
Death or Taxes
The Great Western
Season 2
Full Payment
The Liberty Belle
Where is Sylvia?
The Female Artillery
Shadow of the Past
An Item for Auction
The Judas Palm
The Woman
Trial by Hanging
The Leopard's Spots
Petticoat Crusade
Time of Foreshadowing
Fool's Play
The Legend of Billy
Tombstone for Billy
Apache Daughter
Substitute Sheriff
Girl from Paradise
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