The Texan (1958-1960)

The Texan was a Western television series starring Rory Calhoun. In The Texan, Calhoun played Bill Longley, a Confederate captain from the American Civil War who on his pinto horse, Domino, roams the American West, but stops to help people in need. A fast gun and the enemy of all lawbreakers, he seems to appear nearly everywhere in the postwar years, not just in Texas.
Law of the Gun
Solid Gold Star
The Troubled Town
The First Notch
Edge of the Cliff
Jail for the Innocents
A Tree for Planting
The Hemp Tree
Widow of Paradise
Tears for the Dead
The Easterner
Time of the Year
Lord Will Provide
Duchess of Denver
A Quart of Law
The Peddler
Return to Friendly
Man Behind the Star
The Ringer
Marshal of Yellow Jacket
No Love Wasted
A Race for Life
Letter of the Law
Private Account
Blood Money
No Place to Stop

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