The Westerner (1960)

The Westerner starred Brian Keith as amiable, unexceptional cowhand/drifter Dave Blassingame, and features John Dehner as rakish Burgundy Smith, who appeared in three episodes. Dave Blassingame was a basically decent, ordinary man who was handy with a gun and his fists. A cowboy and drifter, he could sometimes behave amorally in his quest to get enough money together to buy his own ranch, but always did the right thing in the end, and remained true to himself. His equally amiable dog Brown was played by Spike, who was trained by Frank Weatherwax and is best known for playing the title role in Old Yeller. The entire series is here.
School Days
Mrs Kennedy
Dos Pinos
The Courting of Libby
The Old Man
Ghost of a Chance
Line Camp
Going Home
Hand on the Gun
The Painting
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