Thunder in Paradise (1994)

The series follows the adventures of two ex-Navy SEALS, Randolph J. "Hurricane" Spencer and Martin "Bru" Brubaker, who work as mercenaries out of their tropical resort headquarters along Florida's Gulf Coast. Using their high-tech boat, nicknamed "Thunder", they travel around the world fighting various criminals and villains. They must also balance their dangerous undercover work with their responsibilities of raising widower Spencer's young daughter Jessica, who lives with them. Stars: Hulk Hogan (Terry Bolea), Chris Lemmon, Carol Alt. The full series is here.
Thunder in Paradise P1
Thunder in Paradise P2
Tug of War
Sea Quentin
Strange Bru
Sealed with a Kismet P1
Sealed with a Kismet P2
The Guard
Change of Address
Shout of Thunder
The Beast
Identity Crisis
Queen of Hearts
Eye for an Eye
Lessons P1
Lessons P2
Blast Off
The Minor P1
The Minor P2

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