WWF vs. USWA (1992-1996) Playlist

WWF vs. USWA (1992-1996)

In 1992 the USWA began a talent exchange with the WWF, which saw Jerry Lawler sign on to Vince McMahon's federation, while several high profile WWF stars appeared in the USWA. The playlist to the left plays all 79 of the clips, promos and matches included in the collection. Individual Chapters linked below.
Jerry Lawler Shoots
Jimmy Hart Steps In
Sgt. Slaughter Coming!
Jimmy Hart returns
Jimmy Hart returns (again)
Lawler/Jarrett vs. HH Connection
Junkyard Dog Promo
Lawler Disses the WWF
Challenge Accepted
Koko B Ware Wins!
WWF invasion Ch.1
WWF Invasion Ch.2
WWF Invasion Ch.3
WWF Invasion Ch.4
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