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Wagon Train (1957-1965)

Wagon Train was a popular western series that ran on both NBC and ABC from September 18th, 1957 through May 2nd, 1965. The show chronicled the trials and tribulations of pioneering families as they set out from East to carve out a new life in West in a wagon train making it's way from Missouri to California.
Major Adams P2
Dan Hogan
Ruttledge Munroe
Rex Montana
Cassie Tanner
John Wilbot
Monty Britton
Season 2
Bije Wilcox
Millie Davis
Sakae Ito
Tent City
Mary Ellen Thomas
Dick Richardson
Kitty Angel
Flint McCullough
Hunter Mallory
Ben Courtney
Ella Lindstrom
The Last Man
Old Man Charvanaugh
Annie Griffith
Jasper Cato
Vivian Carter
Conchita Vasquez
Sister Rita
Matthew Lowry
Vincent Eaglewood
Clara Duncan
Duke LeMay
Kate Parker
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