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Wagon Train (1957-1965)

Wagon Train was a popular western series that ran on both NBC and ABC from September 18th, 1957 through May 2nd, 1965. The show chronicled the trials and tribulations of pioneering families as they set out from East to carve out a new life in West in a wagon train making it's way from Missouri to California.
Kitty Pryor
Sandra Cummings
Bleecker Story
Story of Cain
Cassie Vance
Fenton Canaby
Michael Malone
Jed Whitmore
Geneva Balfour
Kate Crawley
Grover Allen
Andrew Elliott
Melanie Craig
Pearlie Garnet
Trace McCloud
Duncan McIvor
The Whipping
Stark Bluff
Link Cheney
Santiago Quesada
Zebedde Titus
Circle Up
Season 8
Bob Stuart
Hide Hunters
John Gillman
Race Town
Barbara Lindquist
Brian Conlin
Alice Whitetree
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