Waterfront (1954–1956)

John Herrick was the captain of the tug "Cheryl Ann" in Los Angeles harbor. His family consisted of wife May, police detective son Jim, and the crew of the tug, his son Carl, Tip and Willie. Carl was engaged to Terry. The stories revolved around the family and various criminals encountered around the harbor. Stars Preston Foster.
Season 1
The Skipper's Day
Cap'n John's Dilemma
Family Problems
Sea Bells
Tug O'War
Tailor-Made Trouble
Troubled Waters
The Rift
First Mate
Warehouse Incident
Floating Mine
Cap'n Christopher
Long Beach Pier
Portia of the Sea
Drawbridge Incident
Tuna Clipper
The White Ducks
Star Bright
Harbor Piracy
Captain Taggart
F.O.B. Vera Cruz
Night at the Lighthouse
Oil Island
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