Molehills to Mountains

Wendy and Me (1964-1965)

Wendy and Me was an American sitcom that aired on ABC, primarily sponsored by Consolidated Cigar's "El Producto". Starring George Burns and Connie Stevens, the series was Burns' first major work following the death of his wife and professional partner, Gracie Allen.
Molehills to Mountains
Wendy's Anniversary
Swing Low, Aunt Harriet
Jeff, the Senior Citizen
It Takes Two to Tangle
Wendy's Private Eye
Room at the Bottom
The Married Bachelor
Wendy, the Waitress
Belle of the Malt Shop
West Is Wendy
Four of a Kind
The Gray Flannel Suit
5 Minutes to Show Time
The Wendy Mob
The Guest Room
Giving Uncle the Brush
Stranger Than Fiction
The Wild Geisha
You Can Fight City Hall
A Helping Voice
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