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The White Shadow (1978–1981)

The White Shadow was an American drama television series starring Ken Howard about a white former professional basketball player who takes a job coaching basketball at an impoverished urban high school with a racially mixed basketball team. Although the lead actor Howard was white, the series broke new ground as the first television ensemble drama to feature a mostly African American cast, with African American actors playing the principal and vice-principal, the majority of the teenage basketball players, and other supporting roles. The full series is here.
Season 1
Here's Mud in Your Eye
The Offer
Bonus Baby
Pregnant Pause
Wanna Bet?
That Old Gang of Mine
One of the Boys
We're in the Money
Spare the Rod
The Great White Dope
Little Orphan Abner
LeGrande Finale
Season 2
On the Line
Albert Hodges
Cross-Town Hustle
Sudden Death
A Silent Cheer
No Place Like Home
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