Win Ben Stein's Money (1997-2003)

The show featured three contestants who competed to answer general knowledge questions in order to win the grand prize of $5,000 from the show's star, Ben Stein. In the second half of each episode, Stein participated as a "common contestant" in order to defend his money from being taken by his competitors. Jimmy Kimmel was the host.
David Benkof (2/98)
Win Ben Stein's Money (7/1/98)
Win Ben Stein's Money (10/6/98)
David Juliano (11/7/98)
Adam/Bettie/Steve (1999)
Ben and Jimmy switch! (6/17/99)
Win Ben Stein's Money (6/1999)
All Ben Stein episode! (10/26/99)
Second Ben Stein's Cup! (2000)
Taped in Venice Beach (2001)
College Edition (9/2001)
Win Ben Stein's Money (8/5/2002)
500th Episode!
Caleb Nelsona
Joel Snyder
James, Aleta and Curt
Christine, Lisa and Ben
Joe, Shira and John
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