The Adventures of Zorro (1957–1959)

Don Diego de la Vega opposes the corrupt tyrants of Spanish California as the masked swordsman, Zorro. Stars: Guy Williams, Gene Sheldon and Henry Calvin. Produced for television by Walt Disney Productions.
Season 1
Zorro Rides to The Mission
The Ghost of The Mission
Zorro's Romance
Zorro Saves a Friend
Monastario Sets a Trap
Zorro Rides into Terror
A Fair Trial
Garcia's Secret Mission

Double Trouble for Zorro
Luckiest Swordsman Alive
The Fall of Monastario
Agent of The Eagle
Zorro Springs A Trap
The Unmasking of Zorro
Season 2
Zorro Lights a Fuse
The Man With The Whip

Season 3
El Bandido
Adios El Cuchillo
The Postponed Wedding
Auld Acquaintance

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