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Wrestling Videos/Photos/Merchandise

  • Bob Barnett's Wrestling
  • Wrestling videos from the 80's

  • Chris Swisher's Home of Classic Wrestling Photos
  • A fine collection of classic wrestling photographs from various photographers such as Lil' Al, Scott Teal, and Columbus Collection, available for sale on line.

  • Stage Coach Wrestling Products
  • This company manufactures the preferred boots of most pro-wrestlers

  • - wrestling images from the "Golden Age"
  • This company sells wrestling photos over the internet. You can search for your favorite wrestler, view the picture on line, then order the photographs of you choice. They have a huge selection and their prices look quite reasonable.

  • Wrestling Video Listing
  • A listing of wrestling events. This site boasts a near complete listing of every wrestling events presented in history.

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    Wrestling Personalities

  • Duane Bailey a.k.a. Don Anderson
  • Baily wrestled professionally from 1971 through 1977. While wrestling he traveled all over the United States and Canada working in the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), American Wrestling Alliance (AWA) and the World Wide Wrestling Alliance (WWWA). He held 7 different championship belts, in singles and tag team matches.

  • Barb Wire, Blood and Broken Bones
  • A tribute to the career of the King of Hardcore, Mick Foley.

  • B. Brian Blair's Official web site
  • The former member of the Killer Bees has his web site here with his bio, stats, and interview and a guestbook.

  • The Bushwackers
  • This is the official Bushwackers site. Includes merchandise, photos and information about their wrestling school.

  • Ted Dibiase's Home Page
  • The official Home Page of the "Million Dollar Man".

  • The Dory Funk, Jr.Page
  • A site full of wonderful wrestling stories, great pictures and insightfull commentaries. Put up and maintained by the man himself - what else can I say?

  • Hot Stuff International -
  • This tribute site has lots of facts on "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert, including his biography. It also has recent TV and PPV results plus title histories.

  • Chris Jericho's Home Page
  • a "Time-Lion", favorite matches, a special message to "Lion-heads" and pictures from Chris' personal collection can all be found here. A nice page because he isn't trying to sell anything

  • Cowboy Bob Kelly
  • This is the personal web site if the former Gulf Coast Champion.

  • Official Ivan Koloff web site
  • Includes: Ivan's Appearances Calendar, Road Stories, Ivan's Favorite Links, Photo Gallery, Press Clippings and a Fan Forum

  • Buddy Landel's Home Page
  • Interviews, articles and pictures from Buddy's personal collection highlight this official web site.

  • Moondog Manson's Official Supersite
  • "The Most Dangerous Man in the Pacific Northwest" and star of Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling (ECCW) has his personal web home here. Lots of info on wrestling and powerlifting plus personal messages from the man himself highlight this site which also features a message board and a section detailing the goings on at the ECCW Training School. Says Moondog, "Just remember I ain't no son of a bitch, I am a fat bastard"

  • Official VonErich Wrestling Home
  • This official site is run by Kevin VonErich and features a chat room, links, images and VonErich videos.

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    Wrestling Discussion Forums

    Wrestling Discussion was a big part of the Solie's Vintage Wrestling web site for many years. Back in the 1996-2000 period, thousands of people visited the Solie's Readers Forum each week to read the comments of anywhere from a dozen or so to maybe as many as 50 brave (perhaps foolhardy) souls carried on a lively, sometimes downright contentious running dialogue that intrigued and entertained everyone who read it. Now that the Readers' Forum is history, Solie's offers this sampling of fine Wrestling Discussion Forums, to carry on the tradition:

  • Solie's Vintage Wrestling Fan Forum
  • Iceman's World to Classic Wrestling Chat Forum
  • Turnbuckle Wrestling Boards
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    Womens' Wrestling

    Women Wrestling

    Check out, sign up for their forum and discuss your favorite wrestlers, holds, news and feds. The best female wrestling fansite out there.

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    This page is a personal tribute and is in no way connected to any of the wrestling promotions mentioned on it. It is dedicated to the Dean of Wrestling announcers, Gordon Solie.

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