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Solie's Get's a Platinum Review

This review was written for the Pro Wrestling Hardcore newsletter by N. Latham.

Here's my review of my favorite Web site. The creator was very glad to hear that we are giving him a plug. Here goes. . .

Solies' Vintage Wrestling was one of the first Web sites I ever visited, and it has quickly become one of my favorites. Although the name is Solie's Vintage Wrestling,there is something here for everyone. The page's creator, Earl Oliver, was glad to tell me a little about his own work on the page. His uncle is Rip "The Crippler" Oliver, whom some of you may remember from the 1960's.

When you visit the page, you will be able to read a little more about Earl and his page.

After reading the introduction, check out the What's New at Solie's!! section. It haseverything from a Real names list, to Solies' Classic Wrestling Images (pictures), and chat transcripts and interviews.

There's much more, including an Illustrated tribute to the Four Horsemen, but you'd have to see it to believe it.

Solies' Vintage Wrestling Newsletter is the next section we'll visit. The newsletter is updated every Tuesday, with several updates between issues. There are about twenty recent ones, with links to other sections of the page. Because people may disagee with Earl's opinions, he includes a very straight forward disclaimer and a place to e-mail him.

After we finish browsing through the newsletters, let's look at some of the *headlines* for different issues of the newsletter. Excerpts from Bret Hart's column in the Calgary Sun are a regular feature.

Next we have the opportunity to join in a weekly discussion. There are two message boards to answer the question of the week. Earl does advise people to be tasteful, and he warns that anyone who is rude will not be allowed to participate in further discussion. Topics range from the NWO to the greatest wrestler.

We're almost through, but it's always interesting to check outlinks. There are two lists on this Web site: Solie's A-List and Solie's Comprehensive links. The A-list is a list of the sites that Earl himself likes best. The comprehensive links provide a more general list (and are even categorized!) After you check out the links, why not check out Solie's Awards Page to see some of the accolades that SVW has received? This page has received accolades from about 10 different sources.

On my first visit, I spent nearly two hours checking out all the little *detours* that Solie's Vintage Wrestling has to offer. The wealth of information, the extensive links, and attractive layout make this a must-seeWeb site. Whether you're a longtime fan, or you're fairly new to wrestling,you'll definitely find something to interest you. Earl says that his page is dedicated to the "Dean of Wrestling Announcers," Gordon Solie. The painstaking effort and the care put into SVW is obvious. With all thatconsidered, I am pleased to give this site ***** out of a possible *****(Critic's Choice Platinum).

Thanks to those of you who have sent me the names of Web sites to review. The response has been incredible. Next week, I'm going to review one of the pages that a reader suggested . Keep sending those suggestions to me at